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The world is meant to be explored. There is strength in numbers, take the journey into the wild with us. Providing you with the outdoor equipment, apparel and accessories you want for your adventures. JOGR Tactical is proud to announce that it is establishing support for Wounded Warriors Canada.

Excited to see what JOGR will bring to the market, 

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Ronni Shino

Operations Manager

The security, law enforcement and first responder industry is ever so demanding and for those who enjoy the outdoors also realize the importance of being prepared and equipped with the required tools, apparel and accessories, JOGR is here for you. JOGR tactical was created to provide these items and more. From your professional organizations to the weekend warrior. After speaking and interacting with police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, members of the military and citizens of the community we decided to provide our products and services to the public.


Our products are currently available online only. For pick up in person or to schedule a time with one of our sales reps, please e-mail info@jogrtactical.com 


Toronto, Ontario